“Energy Audit”: A systematic process aimed at acquiring sufficient knowledge of the existing set of energy consumption characteristics of a building or a group of buildings, an industrial or commercial activity or installation, as well as private or public buildings. This process identifies and quantifies the cost-effective energy-saving potential and draws up a results report.

Energy Audit is a process designed to analyze and record the energy infrastructure, equipment and systems available to an installation in order to identify the consumption cost centers, prioritize energy saving interventions based on energy and economic performance criteria, and then identify effective and economically viable, energy saving and Renewable Energy Eources (RES) solutions that could be applied.

For this purpose, a feasibility study is carried out to analyze and register the technical and economical parameters of the energy saving and RES solutions that have been identified. The results of the study and the recommendations of the Energy Auditors and Advisors of our company are recorded in an energy audit report, which is presented to the owners and/or users of the building. The ultimate goal of energy audit is to save energy and operating costs, to utilize RES, to improve the energy efficiency and the thermal comfort of the building and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Specifically, the Energy Audit includes:

  • energy inspection of buildings, premises, equipment, facilities and vehicles
  • assessment of the existing energy infrastructure
  • identification of consumption cost centers
  • identification and recording of energy gaps, weaknesses and losses
  • detection of energy saving and RES solutions that could be applied
  • technical analysis of the energy saving solutions that have been identified
  • evaluation and comparison of the solutions, based on their technical characteristics and the magnitude of their energy savings
  • financial evaluation based on the returns of each investment
  • environmental analysis and calculation of carbon dioxide emissions and pollutants avoided
  • a report and a formal presentation of the results and recommendations


Mr. Zarras Dimitrios is a Certified Energy Auditor (Registration Number 678).

Z GROUP is certified to EN ISO 9001: 2008, ΕΝ ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22301:2012, EN ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011.

Z GROUP Energy AUDITS Presentation