Energy Intervention Grant up to 70%

Energy Residential Upgrading

It is a fact that energy wastage in residents  is one of the most critical problems of every household in our days, given the particularly high energy costs

It is estimated that only heating for winter and cooling in the summer uses 3/4 of the energy consumption of a resident, as well as heat loss in winter and overheating in the summer is due to about 50% on the walls, 25% on the floors and ceilings and around 25% in the frames.

It is therefore very easy to understand the advantages and benefits of energy upgrading a resident with a reduction in the cost of its operation.

With the energy upgrade of a resident

  • less energy is consumed to reach the required winter temperature/ summer temperature. Economic benefit, that is, directly, with an upgraded quality of life, a better environment without dampness within a home,
  • the commercial value of the resident is increased due to the higher energy class as well as the renovation with new modern materials that will be realized while at the same time due to its low operating costs a better price can be obtained in the case of renting or selling.


The ENERGY SAVING PROGRAM FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS is a program co-funded by the Ministry of Energy and the European Union and aims at Energy Upgrading of residential building.

The most important benefit that can be gained from the Program is the improvement of living conditions and the high energy savings resulting from the energy upgrading of the resident, which also entails reduced operating costs for the household.

The new ENERGY SAVING PROGRAM FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS of the NSRF Programming Period 2014-2020 will have new terms and conditions, of which the most important are expected to be

  • increasing the project budget to € 25,000 per house and € 80,000 per apartment building.
  • setting income eligibility criteria for the program.
  • the participation of photovoltaic systems in the production of self-contained energy

Program Beneficiaries

Only natural persons are eligible to participate in the Program:

  1. they have the right to own (full or duplicate) or usufruct to an eligible residence.
  2. meet the income criteria of the categories in the table below.
Category Individual Income Family Income Basic Subsidy Amount Subsidy Increasement by Protected Member  Maximum Subsidy Amount
1 Έως 10.000€ Up to 20.000€ 60% 5% 70%
2 10.001 to 15.000€ 20.001 to 25.000€ 50% 5% 70%
3 15.001 to 20.000€ 25.001 to 30.000€ 40% 5% 70%
4 20.001 to 25.000€ 30.001 to 35.000€ 35% 5% 70%
5 25.001 to 30.000€ 35.001 to 40.000€ 30% 5% 50%
6 30.001 to 35.000€ 40.001 to 45.000€ 25% 5% 50%
7 35.001 to 40.000€ 45.001 to 50.000€ 0% 0% 0%

An advance of 70% of the initial eligible intervention budget is foreseen.

Those in Category 7 or higher income are not entitled to a grant from the Program, but may enter into a non-interest-bearing bank loan (only an interest-rate subsidy is granted).

In the case of Cover of Own Banking Loan, collateral is not required, the duration of the loan is four (4), five (5) or six (6) years and the interest subsidy is for the entire duration of the loan.



Maximum eligible budget – Form and rates of aid

The eligible budget per application for final beneficiary / final Beneficiary may not exceed EUR 250 per square meter of resident, with a maximum of EUR 25,000 inclusive of VAT. (eligible interventions budget). Additionally, up to 100% of the Program is covered, provided the application is submitted to it and the Program’s minimum energy objective is achieved:

  1. the cost of conducting the two energy inspections.
  2. the remuneration of the project counselor.
  3. any studies required by the legislation in force for the proper implementation of interventions (such as static proficiency testing, etc.).

The final eligible budget (total and intervention) is determined on the basis of the submitted cost statements and cannot exceed the eligible budget of the decision on eligibility and the eligible expenditure ceilings per program expenditure category.

Program Requirements


Eligible residence is the house, block of flats as a building block and the individual apartment that meets the following criteria:

– Used as a resident, has a building permit, has been classified under the Energy Efficiency Certificate (CER) in a category less than or equal to “D” and has not been judged to be demolished.

Special conditions for apartment buildings

To designate a block of flats as a building block, eligible resident, the following should be met:

– In case of mixed use, at least 50% of the properties (apartments and other uses) should be used as a resident and constitute a single discrete set. However, non-residential properties (eg store on the ground floor) are not eligible.

– Following a decision of the General Meeting, a representative of all the owners of the apartments will be asked to provide information on the eligibility criteria for the part of the building used as a dwelling, as well as individual requests from each of the apartment owners wishing to join in the program.

– An Energy Performance Certificate is submitted covering in total the part of the building used as a resident.

– Shared energy upgrade interventions are being carried out.

– Owners who do not participate in or they do not want to participate in the program participate in the implementation of the interventions declared in the General Assembly of the apartment building with equity.

In the case of an apartment block application as a building block, the following applies in addition:

– If the income criteria of category 1, 2 or 3 of at least 50% of the eligible property are met, the owners of apartments based on their income fall into Category 4 and are included in Category 3, and owners with income higher than this category 4, fall into Category 4. Otherwise, each owner is in the category corresponding to his income and the owners with incomes exceeding the Category 7 income are in the category 7.

– Owners not included in the program participate in the implementation of declared equity operations.

– The costs related to shared costs allocated based millimeters ownership. Eligible for the program is the part of the costs related to properties included in the program.

Eligible Costs

  • Energy Interventions, Shell

External Heat Insulation Shell (Thermoplankton)

With the addition of External Thermal Insulation, the building is energy-shielded, reducing power consumption and protecting against moisture. Minimize the possibility of penetration of adverse weather conditions (heat, frost, etc.) inside the building.

Thermal insulation of the Roof

With the Thermal insulation installation, protection against heat-cold-humidity is achieved, resulting from external climatic influences. The heat and winter heat losses from the insulated space are limited, while at the same time it protects the building’s building materials from constant exposure to temperature differences.

Internal Heat Insulation

By installing Internal Insulation is a reduction of energy maintaining constant temperature consumption within the space. Minimize the possibility of removal of thermal comfort (cool in summer – warm in winter) from inside the building to the external environment.

Replacement of Frames – Shades

The replacement of the frames with energy frames ensures a drastic reduction of heat (or cooling modes) that passes from the interior environment of a building to the external environment (and vice versa). At the same time, air-tightness is achieved (the frame no longer fits), so there is no heat loss due to the transfer of air from the outside to the inside (and vice versa).


  • Energy Interventions, Electromechanical Equipment

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater is an energetic solar system that heats water by utilizing solar radiation. Its use is “enforced” in countries with high solar power, such as Greece. It produces hot water for use at zero operating costs – it is now mandatory to install it in newly built dwellings.

Photovoltaic Installation – Net – Metering

With the installation of the PV System through NET METERING, the PV production is compensated by the electricity consumption of the house. An ideal combination is the heat pump installation with parallel PV installation through Net Metering. The energy consumed by the cooling-heating pump is offset by the energy produced by the PVs so that the home is supplied free of heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Heat Pumps (Cooling – Heating)

It is the most economical means of heating and cooling with 70% of the energy required to be absorbed by the environment, while the remaining 30% is taken in the form of electricity

The cost savings are calculated at 65% compared to heating oil and 40% to natural gas, and if combined with a Net Metering photovoltaic installation, the operating cost is zero!


Solar thermal

Solar thermal systems are based on the use of free solar energy and its conversion to thermal. The major benefit of a solar thermal system is that it can save energy in heating systems up to 60%. These are heating assisted heating systems – solar heating – where the water is preheated by sunshine (in the days where the sun appears briefly), thus consuming significantly less energy to heat the space.

Z GROUP services

The company undertakes the bioclimatic design of buildings and spaces (indoor and outdoor – outdoor) based on the geometry of the residence and the local climate and the implementation of the required energy interventions.

The aim of the company is to create energy-independent residents, designed to meet their energy needs and minimize their energy costs.

  • In existing homes, it undertakes study and construction with the purpose of energy shielding for maximum energy savings.
  • It studies the energy behavior of heating and cooling systems and improves their energy efficiency.
  • It performs the necessary tasks, such as thermal insulation of walls and roofs, replacement of glazed windows with glazing, installation of shades, upgrading of heating, cooling and water systems, installation of photovoltaic systems, making the most of solar energy.
  • It calculates the cost from the beginning of the process and delivers it to the project as it has been contracted.


The Services undertaken by Z GROUP under the Program:

  • Visit for autopsy at the project site
  • Evaluation of the investment and elaboration of a complete study of the implementation of energy interventions, by calculating the cost of the installation
  • Implementation of all bureaucratic procedures for submission and project management: from the initial electronic submission and the issue of the Energy Certificate to the receipt of the grant.
  • Caring for bank financing (if required)
  • Information on any matter (procedural, technical, financial) about the investment
  • Pan-Hellenic coverage for turnkey project delivery

Z GROUP – Project Financing

Z GROUP, in the context of the continuous improvement of the services provided to its Clients, provides through its cooperation with Piraeus Bank a Funding Program up to 100% for the Beneficiary’s Own Involvement amount. Simply put, upon approval, costs can be incurred without the Beneficiary initially paying, but paying the amount of the same stake gradually over a period of 60 months to the Bank.


Individual taxpayers in Greece, aged 18-70 (at the end of the loan).

Loan amount

€ 1,500 – € 20,000

– For the implementation of all Energy Interventions as outlined in Eligible Costs.

For Buying & Installing Photovoltaic Systems: Up to 100% budget of Z GROUP‘s financial offer & extra liquidity up to € 2,000

– For the other purposes: up to 100% of the amount of the offer or the promise of Z GROUP plus additional liquidity provision of up to € 2,000


Interest rate

Floating interest rate today, 8.75%, now a levy of Law 128/75, which currently stands at 0.6 points.

Duration of Loan

– from 6 to 60 months for a loan amount of up to € 6,000

– from 6 to 120 months for loan amount from € 6,001 to € 20,000.


No collateral required by the Bank.

Required documents

Financial Data For 3 Years

1 Year Net Bills (Net Metering)

Z GROUP, in the framework of its Customer Service, provides through its cooperation with Piraeus Bank a Funding Program up to 100% for the implementation of Energy Interventions in the case of Beneficiaries whose Application has not been approved due to lack of Program Resources.


Energy Interventions

  1. purchase & Installation of photovoltaic systems

Note: NET METERING only – self-consumption with energy offset


  1. Improvement of housing through green technical interventions & RES systems
  • installation of thermal insulation in the building and / or use of cold paints
  • installation of heat-insulating frames (frame, glazing)
  • using cold dyes
  • construction of a green roof on the roof of the building (planted tiles)
  • installation of sun protection equipment (external permanent shades, awnings, blinds, sunblinds)
  • replacing an old boiler / boiler system with a new high-efficiency or heat pump
  • installation of heat recovery units
  • installation of a fireplace
  • installation of thermostatic regulation systems (eg thermostats)
  • installation of a small biological wastewater treatment plant (2-10 people)
  • installation of water reuse system and utilization of rainwater
  • installation of solar water heaters for hot water
  • installation of heating and air-conditioning systems using RES (eg geothermal, solar panels, biomass)
  • installation of small cogeneration units
  • installation of small wind turbines
  • installing fuel cells


  1. Green Households
  • appliances of an energy class of at least A
  • air conditioners of energy class A
  • ceiling fans


  1. Green Transport
  • bicycle, electric bicycle, electric motor


Individual taxpayers in Greece, aged 18-70 (at the end of the loan).

Loan amount

€ 1,500 – € 20,000

up to 100% of the amount of Z GROUP’s offer or preference and a liquidity surplus of up to € 2,000

Interest rate

Floating rate linked to MKK plus margin – 2.35 points, now 8.75%, plus a contribution of Law 128/75, which currently stands at 0.6 points.

Duration of Loan

  • from 6 to 60 months for a loan amount of up to € 6,000
  • from 6 to 120 months for loan amount from € 6,001 to € 20,000


Z GROUP is certified to EN ISO 9001: 2008, ΕΝ ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22301:2012, EN ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011.


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