Cooperation: Z GROUP – Piraeus Bank

Financing of Energy Upgrading Interventions

Z GROUP, in the context of the continuous improvement of its services to its Clients, presents its cooperation with Piraeus Bank in terms of Energy Production Projects as well as Energy Saving Interventions.

Within the framework of the cooperation, Z GROUP’s Clients are offered the possibility of Financing up to 100% and at the same time without collateral. The goal is to offer integrated solutions, maximize return on investment, and achieve the most favorable terms for Z GROUP Clients.

Implementation of Energy Saving Interventions can now be implemented with Zero Initial Capital and particularly favorable terms. A prerequisite for joining the financing program Z GROUP – Piraeus Bank is the compatibility of the client’s financial profile with the assumptions of the banking system.
The financing from Piraeus Bank is achieved through Z GROUP’s Financial Program and concerns the projects that Z GROUP designs and manufactures.

Funded Energy Upgrade Actions

The funding program covers almost all Energy Interventions in the fields of Energy Generation and Saving.

More specifically, the following actions are funded:

Purchase & Installation of Photovoltaic Systems – Funding up to 100%

Funding involves the installation of self-consumption systems and Net Metering systems.

Additional Energy Saving Actions

  • installation of a small biological wastewater treatment plant (2-10 people)
  • installation of water reuse system and utilization of rainwater
  • installation of small cogeneration units
  • installing fuel cells
  • purchase of green energy-intensive class devices
  • purchase of “green” means of transport

Improvement of housing through green technical interventions & RES systems

  • Heat insulation of the shell
  • Placing thermal insulation of polystyrene on roof
  • Simultaneously ensure waterproofing
  • Thermopresentation
  • Installation of heat-insulating frames (frame, glazing)
  • Using cold dyes in the shell
  • Installation of sun protection equipment (exterior permanent shades, awnings, blinds, sunblinds, glass panes)
  • Construction of a “green roof” on the roof of the building (planted roofs)
  • Replacing an old boiler system with a new high-efficiency or heat pump
  • Installation of heat recovery units
  • Installation of heating and air conditioning systems using RES (e.g geothermal energy, solar collectors, biomass)
  • Installation of thermostatic systems
  • Installing an energy fireplace
  • Installation of a solar water heater

Improvement of professional space through technical interventions

  • Interventions in the building shell: thermal insulation, window frames / glazing, shading systems.
  • Upgrading of internal electrical installations and electricity distribution systems.
  • Upgrading systems for the production and distribution of thermal energy both for use of space cooling / heating and in the production process. (eg hot water / steam generating equipment and systems, waste heat recovery equipment, etc.).
  • Upgrading or integrating new materials and equipment to reduce energy losses.
  • Upgrade lighting equipment.
  • Installation of energy management systems.
  • Energy audits and / or energy audits before and after for the assessment of the energy effect.
  • Certification of energy management system according to ISO 50001.


Terms & Conditions of Funding



Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Professionals with a turnover of up to € 2.5 million with proprietary or leased business premises.

Loan amount
Up to 200.000 €

Interest rate
After evaluation of the investment plan by the Bank.

Grace period – Early repayment
Grace period up to 6 months. During the grace period, only interest will be paid.
Early repayment is possible in full or in part without penalty.

Loan Duration and Funding Percentage

Amount of Loan Duration (Up to) Funding Percentage (Up to )
Up to 20.000€ 3 years 70%
From 20.001€ to 200.000€  7 years 70%
10 years 80%

Note: 80% of the investment concerns green energy interventions


After evaluation of the investment plan by the Bank.

Required documents

– Financial Data (3 Years)
– 1 Year bills of electric consumption (Net metering)




Individual taxpayers in Greece, aged 18-70 (at the end of the loan)

Amount of Loan €1.500 – €20.000

  • For the installation of photovoltaic systems: Up to 100% budget of Z GROUP‘s financial offer & additional liquidity up to €2.000
  • For  other purposes: up to 100% of the amount of Z GROUP’s offer or preference, plus a liquidity surplus of up to €2.000

Interest rate

A floating interest rate of 8.75%, now a levy of Law 128/75, which currently stands at 0.6 points

Duration of Loan

– from 6 to 60 months for a loan amount of up to €6.000
– from 6 to 120 months for loan amount from €6.001 to €20.000


– Required Guarantor
– Collateral is not required

Required documents

– Financial Data (3 Years)
– 1 Year bills of electric consumption (Net metering)


Z GROUP is certified to EN ISO 9001: 2008, ΕΝ ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22301:2012, EN ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011.