What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is the first global energy management standard and it is the result of a multitude of national and local standards such as EN 16001. It is expected that ISO 50001 will replace EN16001 in the future.

What does the implementation of ISO 50001 require?

It requires the development and implementation of an energy policy and the establishment of objectives, aims and action plans. The goal is the improvement of energy performance, taking into account the use of energy, the consumption and the efficiency.

Which businesses is ISO 50001 addressed to?

ISO 50001 is addressed to all businesses, regardless of size and activity sector, and relates to activities that are directly controlled by the business.  Its requirements can be easily integrated into existing systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (the structure of which is highly compatible and directly related).

Application & certification benefits

  • reduction of energy costs (e.g better use of the equipment consuming energy)
  • risk limitation related to energy security, by improving energy efficiency
  • provision of a framework for the adoption of energy efficiency specifications throughout the supply chain (eg suppliers)
  • establishment of good energy management practices
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

What  does Z GROUP offer?

  • Certification: includes the provision of inspection and certification services for your system according to ISO 50001
  • Training: provides the necessary supplies to enable you to successfully implement and maintain your energy management system
  • Preliminary inspections: includes support during the preparation phase by helping you determine your level of readiness for the final certification (gap analysis).


Z GROUP is certified to EN ISO 9001: 2008, ΕΝ ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22301:2012, EN ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011.