Energy Saving Actions – Reduce Operating Expenses

What is the ZED Project

It concerns an innovative service provided by Z GROUP, which bases the Energy Performance and Repayment Methodology methodology on Infrastructure based on the Energy Services Company (ESCO) practice. This is an innovative method of Financing – Implementation of Actions, Energy Saving in Infrastructure, in which the Energy Efficiency Reimbursement is implemented by Third Party (Third-Party Financing), such as NSRF Grant Programs, Development Law, Banking Funding, Equity – or, at best, in combination. In the case of implementation of ZED_Project through Programs of NSRF – Development Law combined with Banking Financing, Energy Enhancement expenditures are repaid by the Funding, the received Grant pays the corresponding percentage of the Funding – usually 50% – while the remaining amount is repaid over time.

More specifically, in the completion phase of ZED_Project the Beneficiary

  • with the same amount as it previously paid for the energy costs of its infrastructure,
  • at this stage it will be able to pay the same amount of reduced energy costs as well as to repay over time the residual cost of energy interventions.




  • he avoids taking on himself the initial cost of the investment – is paid by the third party – and
  • repays this cost from the economic benefit to infrastructure due to energy savings.


While initially the Beneficiary pays a high cost of energy expends, it implements Energy Saving Actions, which drastically reduce initial energy costs (often halved), so that the Beneficiary, continues to pay the same annual amount that initially paid for energy costs, can now same amount to pay for reduced energy costs as well as to repay the investment cost to the Third Party that made the initial Project Financing.

Case Study: Z GROUP offices

Problem: Increased Operating Costs

Since 9/2012 Z GROUP has been operating in a leased professional space on 411 Heraklion Prefecture, Heraklion, Attica, 2nd floor with the following characteristics:

  • Newly built, modern and upscale professional space of 60 square meters – 2 rooms
  • Possibility of heating / cooling with air conditioning unit per room
  • Unable to install any infrastructure on the roof of a building (from a block of flats regulation)
  • Eastern – Western orientation
  • Rent: 600 euros / month
  • Average parcels: 50 euro / month
  • Average PPC: 100 euros / month

Medium-Term Solution Planning

On 5/2013, through the application of Z GROUP Consulting, an application was submitted to the NSRF Program (code BES09026 – Budget 82.918,00 € – Subsidy percentage 50% – Subsidy amount 41.459 €). The purpose of the project was the transfer of a seat in a low-rent professional space, a space with specific specifications and at the same time the possibility (from a building regulation) of the implementation of all the Energy Interventions of the NSRF Program. On 10/2013 the proposal under the NSRF is approved with a budget of 82.918,00 €.

On 5/2014 the Energy Upgrading work under the NSRF Program was started with the Project Manager: Z GROUP Consulting. A Project Completion Plan was developed around 12.2014, but after Extension and Modification of the Program Implementation Guide, the Energy Upgrade Implementation Plan was extended to 31.12.2015 (when it was successfully completed).

New Business Features

After a thorough investigation, a 65 sq. M Office was selected. 1st floor on 9, Apostolou Pavlou Street, Heraklion, Attiki, 14122. The space has the following technical characteristics that meet the specifications as set during the survey.

  • Space of full Southern Orientation
  • Throughout South – North, with over 50% of facade coverage (South) with double glazing – aluminum frames
  • Single room 61 sqm – Kitchen + WC 4 sqm. – 22 sq.m. balcony in full south
  • 10-year Hire and Implementation Agreement for NSRF Energy Interventions
  • Domain assignment agreement for installation of E / M equipment
  • Rent: 300 euros / month
  • Average Shared: Not Shared
  • Average PPC: 40 euros / month (fees of the Municipality of Heraklion)
  • Ample Parking Customer Parking

Project Management: Duration – Energy Upgrade Actions

The Project Manager of Z GROUP Consulting starts the Energy Upgrades under the NSRF Program. The initial plan foresaw the completion of the Project around 12.2014, but after Extension and Modification of the Program Implementation Guide, the Energy Upgrade Implementation Plan is extended until December 31, 2015 (when it is successfully completed).

For the implementation of the following Energy Enhancements, a permit was issued by the North-East Sector Town Planning (Perissos 48 Hour Permit).

  • Heat-Cooling Heat Pump Installation, connected to a 200-liter Injection Tank with Rear View Mirror Connection Kit
  • Installation of Outdoor Neopor 50mm Polyester Extruded Thermoplastic
  • Installation of Internal Thermopack with DEPRON 9mm
  • Installation of Window Depot to create 2 spaces with autonomous Air Conditioning (Bi-Zone)
  • Installation of 6 LEDs * 50Watt + 2LED * 10Watt
  • Installation of a 3,12 kWp PV system through NET METERING Contract with NEDI of N.Ionia
  • Installing the EMETRON Analytics Measurement and Imaging System
  • Install Double Window Frames


At the same time, the functional upgrading of the space was completed with a complete reconstruction of the kitchen, WC and the purchase of modern – unmanaged Low Energy Energy Equipment.

Investment Financial Data – Payments NSRF Z Group

On October 2, 2015 the EFEPAE gives the Payment Order of the Interim Audit upon request (Z GROUP Consulting) for the 80% Completion of the Project Budget.

On 16.11.2016 EFEPAE gives the Final Payment Order and at the same time completes the Program.

Financial data

Budget of Subsidy NSRF Program for  Z GROUP 82.918,00 €
NSRF Subsidy  for Z GROUP 41.459,00 €
Cost of Investing Energy Upgrade Z GROUP 15.900,00 €
NSRF Investment Subsidy for Energy Upgrade Investment  of   Z GROUP 7.950,00 €
Annual Operating Reduction Benefit 3.840,00 €
Equipment Depreciation (Average 2 Years) 3.975,00 €
Total 7.815,00 €
Depreciation of Z GROUP Investment 1 year


Results – Benefits

Upon completion of the ZED Project, the benefits to be borne by the tenant are indicative:

Reduction by half of Operating Expenses for Office Use with simultaneous use of energy as described below:

  • Increased psychology of cooperation in a space that has Natural Lighting, Natural Ventilation
  • Increased workload in a space that is constantly warmed to at least 22 ° C in the winter months and is constantly conditioned at least 26 ° C in the summer months
  • Increased psychology of cooperation in space of contemporary industrial design
  • Repayment of the Energy Upgrade Investment from the NSRF Funds – Amortization of the balance from the reduction of the Operating Cost in the 1st year of operation
  • Increasing the Competitiveness of the Company due to a reduction in its Operating Expenses

Now, Z GROUP operates with a half-time operating cost in an Enhanced Energy Industrial Design Area, maximizing comfort and quality work environment.


The basis of the Service is the correct Design and the observance of the Plan to be decided. After setting, measuring and modifying the Energy Profile of each Infrastructure to be measured, the Base Line is defined, so that Consolidation can be studied and defined, taking into account the Benefits of Energy Saving Actions.

This Technique minimizes the probability of not judging the Project successful as the new Energy Behavior of the Infrastructure (already aware of the initial) has already been planned and has already been estimated the Cost of Energy Saving Costs and the Economic Benefit to be derived from the upgrade.

Summing up, through this service, the Business Plan for the Funding Program (NSRF, Bank, etc.) is ready to demonstrate:

  • The Initial Energy Consumption Status
  • Cost-Effective Energy Saving Actions
  • The Economic Benefits to be derived from Energy Saving Actions
  • The Final Energy Consumption Status


ZED Project Service

The market trend (ESCO’s) regarding the financing of a Project is the proof with indisputable evidence (in the case of Z GROUP: Calibrated Metering Equipment) that the project can generate a benefit that will pay off the initial Investment Cost.

Z GROUP undertakes as a Turn Key Project:

  • through Z GROUP Energy, the Study – Implementation of the ZED Project
  • through Z GROUP Consulting, Project Management Project Implementation to Final NSRF Disbursement

Z GROUP is certified to EN ISO 9001: 2008, ΕΝ ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22301:2012, EN ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011.

Z GROUP -ZED Project Presentation